Friday, January 22, 2010


The furball in question... Cami

Now for the lighter side of life. This post goes more for any animal owners, specifically those with dogs, cats, or anyone who sleeps with a pet on their bed. I have to speak from the experience as a dog person and our girl Cami, though it does go for our past dogs Nutmeg, Triscuit, and Coby.

There is an amazing phenomenon that happens at night. You walk upstairs, do your nightly routine, and flick on the lights as you walk into your bedroom. You spot a breathing mass of fur on you bed cuddled up into a ball fast asleep. You have a few options for the "furball" (lovingly nicknamed).

  • Option One: Kick the furball off the bed and claim it for your own.
  • Option Two: Let them sleep there and maneuver around the fur-ball.
  • Option Three: Pull said furball to the top of the bed to snuggling up with.
  • Option Four: Grudgingly return furball to your sister, and rightful owner, so they may sleep better that night.

Most nights I choose Option Three with a slight rule addition. I get to cuddle for a while until my door opens, my sister snaps, and the furball leaps off my bed and into hers. I, in turn, immediately roll into the vacated furball's spot and the warmth found there. This is the phenomenon that I like to call "Puppy Warmth", or "Kitty Warmth" if that is your preference of furball. Do to their higher body temperature and way of sleeping, furballs create this beautiful pocked of warmth that instantly makes you cozier. You can get a preview of this phenomenon by lying next to them or cuddling on the couch, often that cuddling results in a higher temperature, but it is so nice to slide into that spot and fall asleep all cozy. The only problem is that puppy warmth phenomenon cools quickly unless occupied with a warmish body. This was my dilemma last night.

After watching one of Conan O'Brien's last few episodes of the Tonight Show, I closed up the house and started up the stairs. Nancy, my sister and rightful owner of our furball (lovingly named) Cami, called out from her room and bed to ask if the dog was with me. I replied no, and she aksed me to send Cami into her room once I found her. I quickly go through my nightly activities, head into my room, and find said furball asleep on my bed.

At this point I was contemplating keeping the furball for the night. Two nights before, Nancy was already asleep when I came to bed, and Cami was half awake waiting for me. Both bedroom doors were open that night, and I had assumed that the furball would get up at some point during the night, leave my room and join Nancy in her's. There may have been a little night wandering, reported by Nancy and Mom the next day, but the majority of the night Cami spent in my room. I woke up the next morning just as Nancy was getting ready to leave for school. I nudged the furball off the bed to go out with Nancy, only to have the dog race back upstairs and jump into bed once Nancy left for the day. We napped until I had to get ready for work, with Cami still sleeping up near the pillows.

My memory of the night before was very tempting. I really just wanted to close my door with the furball closed in. Then I remembered my sister's complaint the next day. After three years with the dog, she had become used to sleeping with Cami, and a night without her was restless. Also, the old offer to let furball sleep with me on the condition that I would be woken up at 7:30 to take the dog out. So that night I chose Option Four. I brought Cami to Nancy's room, then jumped into my own. Thankfully, my Puppy Warmth was still there and I was able to also have a good night sleep.

I hope everyone has the chance to experience Puppy Warmth. It is a wonderful thing to slide into that warm spot, but even better to cuddle with the furball that was the creater.

Thank you to our furball (lovingly nicknamed) Cami and Nancy, sister and rightful owner, for sharing the Puppy Warmth with me.

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